A Rene’ Hall

Nail Educator & Mentor

I can help you better your application techniques, schedule your clients properly, and overall operate a successful nail business.

Why We Are Different

I understand what you’re going through. I started my nail business at the age of 17 and all I knew was doing nails was so much fun and I wanted to get better. I had no real guidance and had to work my way through by trial and error. I know how frustrating it can be to take forever to complete a full set and how hard it can be to fully book your schedule. Let me share with you how I built my nail business so you can enjoy this industry and grow as a nail technician! 

What To Expect

One on one individualized attention is given to each mentee in order to understand specifically what issues you face. A plan is formulated to accommodate you in order to help you reach your full potential. The sky is the limit!

Ready to take your nail business to the next level?

Let me show you how...

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