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A.Rene’ Consulting

After becoming a Company Educator for an extraordinary leader in the nail industry, I was able to travel and share my love for nails and inspire students to reach for success.

This is where my love for teaching nails was birthed. Seeing that spark when you finally get the result you’ve been working on for months! I knew that I wanted to inspire and encourage others so they could reach their goals as a Nail Technician just as I had.

A Rene’ Nail Spa

I started my nail business in 1995 as an independent contractor and served in various salons in the city until opening my very own in the Spring of 2011.

I have clients that have followed me since the very beginning, and I still serve them today. Longevity is possible in this industry. I am a living testimony of enjoying your work and it paying off in more ways than you could imagine!

A.Rene’ Body Products

Using an exfoliating Scrub was always a part of my service when my clients go to wash their hands. Many years ago, I had run out of my exfoliating scrub, and I knew that it would take several days for it to be delivered. I went home and made an all natural exfoliating scrub with ingredients found in my pantry.

After using the scrub, my clients thought that my “homemade” version was better than what I had been ordering. So for the past 15 years, I’ve made my own scrub. Then my clients started asking me to make them one to take home. This is how my exfoliating scrubs came to be. To accompany them, I formulated body butters to pair them with the same scent. 

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